Good Old Fashioned Redneck Christmas

Saturday, December 8, 2018
7:00 PM (CT)
Meridian Little Theatre
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What if the 3 wise men weren’t really all that wise? What if they were just 3 ordinary guys, avoiding conflicts at home, who happened upon the greatest story ever told? Set the entire story in modern day America, sprinkle in a little redneck humor, and you have the smash A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas! Bill, Dave, and Jimmy have had it with their women! Even though it’s Christmas Eve, the boys decide to high-tail it into the mountains for a little hunting and a lot of beer. Meanwhile back home, their women are furious.  Lou runs Lou’s Diner. She and Bill and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to have a baby. Barbie Jo, Lou’s head waitress, is married to Dave, and Darlene, the most beautiful girl in three counties is dating Jimmy, but Jimmy can’t stand the idea of “commitment”. It’s gonna take a Christmas miracle to get these redneck families back together! Thank goodness one just came to town!

Show runs December 6th- December 11th. Curtain is up nightly at 7:00 except for the Sunday matinee on December 9th at 2:00.

**Tickets for opening night known as First Nighters’ tickets are $50.00 with a cocktail party to follow the show with the cast.

 Lou Wexler  -  Anna Grace Banks
Bill Wexler  -  
Ron Anderson
Dave Fox   -   
Clint Brown
Barbie Jo Fox  -  
Anna Brown
Jimmy Weaver  -  
Dalton Newell
Darlene Fulmer  -  
Madison Field
Mary Sue Archer  -  
Lauren Broome
Mark Riley  -  
Greg Ries
Bob/Narrator   -  
Dan Tally


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